Track requests from start to finish

foiPRO helps organisations & people handling requests under the Freedom of Information Act to reduce the risk of non-compliance and manage resources effectively.

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Income Generation

Highlights requests that exceed the 18 hour chargeable trigger.



ICO aligned workflow for FOI handling including full auditable review process.


Audit Trail

Full audit trail of all interaction leading to final publication and authorised release.


Partnership Ready

Supports multi-agency and collaborative working - enabling organisations to co-ordinate collection and responses.

Shaping Cloud
Baker, Lomax and Shackley

Request Free Trial Access Test foiPRO for free, for one month.

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cofire is a platform built specifically to help organisations manage, monitor and respond to information requests in a fully compliant manner. The platform provides customisable workflows, specific reporting dashboards for different levels of management and a flexible user management module that drives multi-agency working. This technology underpins the foiPRO software.